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 It nearly broke my heart to finish this fic. Still, hope you guys would enjoy it!!! :)

Pairing: Shihan, broken Hanchul
Rating: PG-15
Notes: The rated scene isn't until the last part of the fic. You have been warned :)

Hankyung had more than he ever wanted...Collapse )

Giving Warmth

 Just wrote a  drabble on Siwon and Hankyung... Very contented now... :)

Title: Giving Warmth
Pairing: Sihan
Rating: PG
Summary: He has always supported him...

He has always supported him...Collapse )

The Day We First Met

Hello! This's the first fic that I've wrote. Hope you guys will enjoy it!
The pairing is your own choice, but I wrote with Sihan in my mind... :)

Title: The Day We First Met
Author: Moi!
Rating: G
Pairing: Sihan; Own Choice
Summary: Do you remember the day we first met?

Do you remember the day we first met? Collapse )

Hankyung's Concert

Did you check out Hankyung's concert? It's quite cool, with his new hairstyle, and stuff. These are just some of the parts that I like...

Opening Part-飞蛾扑火 危险爱情

To a Stranger's Love Letter-给陌生人的情书

Because of Dream-因为梦

I'm tearing now... Without you

This is a true-based story from my own experience. It only happened today. I just tweaked it a little, to block out the abundant parts :(

I'm on the verge of tears now....

Today has been the day that I wished that it would never come. It marked the day that my classmate and also my friend that I treasured over the past few years, and I always held a feeling for him that I was always hiding of. Don't mistake me I do not like him. It's just that we haven't been very close to him since he came to our school, which was 5 years ago. Now, 5 years has passed, and he has left me alone in Hong Kong, while he has departed for Australia.

We were "fated" to become the closest friends, but the duration has not been very long, just a few days, right before he has to go Australia to continue his studies.

From the first day he came to our school, with that childish smile, and the twinkling eyes, I already knew that he was eventually going to be one of my closest friends one day. I was very reserved at that time, and I have always been able to see him playing with his band of boys across a very far distance. Gradually, I shortened the distance between him and me. The closer I got to him, the more I knew about the difference of our personalities, and I couldn’t really imagine the arguments that we were going to have in the future, even has friends. Thus, from that day onwards, I knew that he wouldn’t let me climb into his heart, as well as I would let him stay in my heart.

Years went by, and we stayed the same years before, with the same awkward distance between, like a barrier that both of us couldn’t possibly manage to climb through. The only moments he was willing to talk to me was when he needed help with his schoolwork, and the seldom times that I could talk to him without any awkwardness filling the air was when I’m barking commands to the whole class, which included him. As a class chairman, it benefited me, giving me small little chances to talk to him, even though I talked to him like how a mother talked to her child. (Guess I’m mature enough to talk like one…)

I organized a class party, and only in that crowded moment did I find out another side of him, how similar he was to him, and I finally plucked up the courage to ask him whether we could become friends. He flashed a smile at me, and since then, we have become friends. (FINALLY!!!)

Still, we weren’t really close, we only exchanged conversations when we were assigned tasks to do, and we never seem to get rid off the awkwardness that always seem to be floating in the air whenever we tried to become closer.

My hope of becoming friends with him plunged into a great dark hole, when he announced that he would be leaving to Australia at the end of this school term, when only left me with a little over one week to become closer with him.

3 days before he had to leave Hong Kong, I originally wanted to text a message saying “It was fun to have you as a friend” to one of my classmates, since school has already ended and I really enjoyed her company. I texted a message to the first person that has their name starting with a letter J, thinking that it was her, since it has always been the case. I was utmost surprised when I saw a reply that said “Me too” with the name that belonged to the one that I have always been wanted to be friends with. Almost immediately after the message, he sent a message stating “What movie do you like best?” and since then, we have became friends, through the world of texting.

We were texting until midnight on the last day of him staying in Hong Kong, and I texted him that I really missed him. I fell asleep before he could text anything back.

10 minutes before he boarded the airplane, I randomly checked my phone and on the screen, it stated, “I will miss you too. I like you (as a friend)”. I got excited over this message and I called him. I was on the verge of tears when we hanged up our phones because he was already boarding the plane. Outside my window, I saw a shooting star, and I wished a wish… A wish that would never ever come true.

Shakespearian Sonnet - This is Love

This is another sonnet that I created after my entry of the "The Heavenly Love". This sonnet is called "This is Love", which was inspired by the song "Love like This" by SS501. I just tweaked the song title, and it became the title for my second Shakespearian sonnet. Enjoy!

This is Love
His eternal summer never slips away
Nor lose possession of his charisma
Around him exists an edge of bright ray
The unveiling of him, and enigma

Love, the ravishing word that makes dreams true
Love, the word that creates light morning dew
Love, where the loving air flows through the flue
Love, the word that is never ever blue

His rapture, full of anticipation
The rose petals, the blush of his lips
Yet enough to affect the whole creation
One wink, One smile, thus my whole world flips

The only person that keeps me alive
Is the one person, which I am to strive

So... What do you think. I feel that it's OK, but there are still areas for improvement. I'll find some time to post my friends' one. Some are really nice! :)
 I was looking through my computer files when I found a Shakespearian Sonnet that I created for my English project. I remembered that I scored quite a good mark for it(but not full marks), and so I wanted to let you guys see what I can improve on. Thanks! :) 

The Heavenly Love
The Love has become heavy, with time's load
Let love be sustained in eternal faith
Let our endless love travel down the road
Ends with a loving smile that one could crave

A tender touch, which one can melt till none
The approach of your coming, a work of art
Let the love entwine, and to become one
And allow none of the pieces to part

Your chastity, where no one can disrupt
Each syllable, a melodious tune
Dizzy, my heart's going to erupt
Like the blooming of lavender in June

At heaven's gate, where the love breaks the ice
And it is where the payoff would suffice

So, this is my sonnet and I would welcome any comments. If time would allow, I can post a few more of mine and my friends. Thanks! :)

New to LiveJournal


I am quite new to LiveJournal, so I will only post updates when I am more familiar to the environment. Thanks!!!